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UBQ™ Compound (PP carrier)

Positive Plastics KIT1

What is it?

A polypropylene (PP) based compound which contains a unique additive called UBQ™. This additive is made from household waste (at least 50% bio-based: food residues, cardboard, paper) as well as post-consumer plastics. This compound consists of 20% UBQ™ and 80% PP. The additive significantly reduces greenhouse gases, preventing 11.7 times its weight in CO₂ equivalent emissions. With a higher UBQ™ content, products could even be carbon negative. Suitable for injection moulding, extrusion, compression moulding, preferably for products with a wall thickness of at least 2 mm. UBQ™ is available in a compressed tablet that can be used either as a drop-in component to standard manufacturing processes, or as an ingredient in custom compounds tailored for individual processes and product specifications.

Material properties

  • Tensile strength at Yield (MPa): 13.6

  • Flexural modulus (MPa): 760

  • Elongation at break (%): 10,6

  • Density (Kg/dm3): 0,931

  • MFI (g/10min): 24.2 

Positive Plastics_UBQ

Technical benefits

UBQ™ is a sustainability additive, not a reinforcement additive, used to reduce and offset the environmental footprint of a product’s raw materials. The mechanical properties of a compound containing UBQ™ can be compatibilized to suit many applications especially in the area of high-volume commodity products. 

Look and feel

Looks and feels warm, similar to PP, only slightly more interesting due to small speckles that indicate the upcycled nature of the material. The natural colour of the material is dark gray, but it can be colour-matched to a wide variety of options, except for white and transparent. 

Environmental benefits

Two billion tons of household waste are generated each year, and this number is expected to double by 2050. By diverting landfill-destined waste and its related emissions, this material prevents additional greenhouse gases from being released. UBQ™ significantly reduces greenhouse gases, preventing 11.7 times its weight in CO₂ equivalent emissions. It is fully recyclable.


This material can be used for nearly any product typically made of polyolefins. Applications include small consumer goods, trays, bins, furniture, storage products, automotive parts, engineered sheets, flooring, cladding, and pipes.


Why we chose this material 

We find UBQ™ to be a revolutionary and innovative material and solution.

Not only does it decrease the use of finite resources, it also reduces landfill waste that would otherwise produce methane and pollute the soil.

Why you should consider this material

  • You want to reduce your environmental footprint.

  • You want to divert waste from landfills and promote a circular economy.

  • You are searching for a replacement for virgin PP.

About the manufacturer

UBQ™ is not a plastic treatment or recycling technology - it is an advanced material company. UBQ Materials addresses the waste crisis as a whole by utilizing the entire, unsorted, household waste stream; it functions independently of recycling or waste management infrastructures in its resources, processes, and economics.  

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