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what's new with Positive Plastics?
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Positive Plastics KIT3

October 2023 / Plastic Engineering (USA)

Positive Plastics to Launch a Pair of New Sample Kits at Fakuma

"Two years after launching at Fakuma 2021, the initiative known as Positive Plastics is preparing to announce a new chapter at this year’s edition of the trade fair, which takes place Oct. 17-21 in Friedrichshafen, Germany.

Finland-based Positive Plastics Oy curates unique kits of various plastic resins and compounds that advance sustainability and circularity. Its mission is to provide brands, designers, engineers, and product managers a more accepting outlook on plastics.


Positive Surfaces Fakuma Daily

October 2023 / Sustainable Plastics (DE)

Positive Plastics goes beyond the surface with latest update

"The Positive Plastics team —the three material experts behind

the Positive Plastics initiative launched two years ago at Fakuma

2021 — is back with its third sample kit in Friedrichshafen,

Germany. For the first time, this year’s offering includes a Positive

Surfaces kit, developed in collaboration with France-based Roctool."


Positive Plastics

May, 2022 / raumPROBE Magazine (DE)

Plastik, ganz schön positiv 
Interview mit Efrat Friedland von Positive Plastics

Eine Musterbox voller Materialien, die einen geringen Umwelteinfluss haben und guten Gewissens eingesetzt werden können – klingt das nicht gut? Positive Plastics hat das in die Tat umgesetzt. Mit 16 Mustern von unterschiedlichen Unternehmen zeigt die Box, was mit Materialien alles möglich ist. Und wenn doch noch Fragen offen sein sollten, hilft der QR-Code weiter. Von Recyclaten hin zu bio-basierten Materialien – wir sind positiv begeistert!


Plastic Engineering

February 2022 / Plastic Engineering (USA)

Think Positive

"…with Positive Plastics. The Finnish company developed an innovative sample kit that features only eco-friendly polymers. The partners understand sustainability and want to pass their knowledge onto specifiers and brand owners."


Muoviplast Magazine

December 13th, 2021 / Muoviplast Magazine (FI)

Positive Plastics 
näytesarja helpottaa tuotesuunnittelijan työtä

Fakuma- messuilla 2021 esiteltiin kolmen eri materiaalivalmistajan osastolla Positive Plastics -näytesarja, jonka tarkoituksena on tuoda esille eri valmistajien uusio- ja biopohjaisia materiaaleja kompaktissa esittelypaketissa.


MATREC Library

December 10th, 2021 / MATERC

Positive Plastics Featured on MATREC Library

The use of plastics in various product sectors is becoming an increasingly debated topic. Constantly the market is looking for more sustainable and circular alternatives that can compensate the performance and aesthetics of traditional polymers. In this regard, the Positive Plastics group offers a selection of 16 plastic materials characterized by a reduced environmental impact, obtained from post-industrial and post-consumer recycling,
from a biological base or obtained from compounds.


Positive Plastics on materiO

December 1st, 2021 / materiO

Positive Plastics is in the materiO' Collection!

We are very happy materiO', a leading materials library with a global presence, added the Positive Plastics Kit to its collection to enable more designers to learn about the materials inside. Many of the materials themselves are already part of materiO's collection. 
For members, our kit can be found under R2570.

To materiO...

Positive Plastics Kit

November 24th, 2021 / Renewable Carbon News

Positive Plastics launches first sample kit

"Positive Plastics will present a complimentary kit to one hundred brands and design agencies to encourage an informed choice of materials and sensible implementation. Kits will be available for purchase online."


December 1st, 2021 / Plastiker

Mocom: Zwei Materialien im Muster-Kit von „Positive Plastics“

"Mocom ist Teil von „Positive Plastics“, einer im Rahmen der Fakuma 2021 gestarteten Initiative, die besonders nachhaltige Kunststoffe einer breiteren Öffentlichkeit zugänglich machen will.."


Altech Eco PA66

November 23rd, 2021 / Asia Designer Communication Platform

Positive Plastics Kit

"Positive Plastics is launching its first sample kit, featuring plastic materials with a reduced environmental footprint: PCR, PIR, bio-based, bio-composite and mass balanced plastics of various manufacturers."


Positive Plastics on ADCP
Bioplastics Magazine

November 16th, 2021 / Bioplastics Magazine

Positive Plastics launches
first sample kit featuring sustainable plastics

"A new initiative called Positive Plastics aims to convey a more accepting outlook on plastics to designers, engineers, and product managers. To achieve this, last month they launched their first “Positive Plastics Kit”, an invaluable tool for materials understanding and communication between non-technical and technical team members."


November 12th, 2021 / Omnexus

Positive Plastics’ New Materials Sample Kit with Reduced Environmental Footprint

"Positive Plastics has launched its first sample kit, featuring plastic materials with a reduced environmental footprint: PCR, PIR, bio-based, bio-composite and mass balanced plastics of various manufacturers. Positive Plastics, aims to convey a more accepting outlook on plastics to designers, engineers, and product managers."


Positive Plastics Kit
Positive Plastics on Core77

November 1st, 2021 / Core77

Designing Better Samples of Sustainable Plastics for Industrial Designers

"Disposable, single-use plastics give a bad name to the durable plastics that long-term objects are designed with. Thankfully these non-packaging plastics are evolving towards more sustainable solutions...So why aren't these more sustainable plastics being more widely used?"  


October 27th, 2021 / Sustainable Plastics Magazine

Mocom celebrates ‘a good first year' at Fakuma

Mocom also is involved along with several other materials suppliers in Positive Plastics, a new initiative to encourage designers and engineers to work with plastics. The project includes a sample kit showing the advantages of various types of resin.

Positive Plastics "is a really fresh approach that the industry needs," Mocom spokesman Lennart Meyer said. He added that Mocom already has seen business opportunities generated by the new program.


Mocom Fakuma
PositivePlastics on Fakuma Daily 2021

October 13, 2021 / Sustainable Plastics Magazine

Bridging the Gap

"Positive Plastics is a new initiative launched by three materials experts, united by a special passion for plastics. It’s a passion they want to share with the designers and engineers with whom they work, to encourage them to ‘think positively about plastics.’"


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