Plastics with reduced
environmental impact!

The moulded samples are thoughtfully designed to help designers, engineers, product managers, and brand owners
quickly understand the material properties. 

Sample kit with various materials




Overall impression
Overall impression

What does the material feel like when moulded?

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Integral hinge
Integral hinge

Does the material allow the use of the integral hinge?

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Draft angle
Draft angle

Is the material sensitive to a small draft angle?

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Overall impression
Overall impression

What does the material feel like when moulded?

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The PositivePlastics sample kit includes 16 plastic materials
with a reduced environmental footprint: PCR, PIR, bio-based, bio-composite, and mass balanced plastics of various manufacturers.
Attached to each material is a label, containing sufficient information
to assist preliminary materials selection. Additional information can be found by scanning the QR code, directing you to the material info pages you find on this website.


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The kit is sold by MaterialSampleShop in Denmark and shipped worldwide.


Efrat Friedland

Master of Industrial Design

With training and experience in industrial design and a great passion for materials, Efrat founded materialscout, a consultancy that helps market-leading companies generate value through creative, competitive and sustainable implementation of materials and technologies. materialscout links suppliers, engineers, product managers, recyclers and designers to solve materials challenges.


Munich  I  Germany
+49 157 51572727


Erik Moth-Müller


Master of Science in Engineering,
Design & Innovation

With a curious mind and great enthusiasm for sharing knowledge, Erik founded the material sample subscription service, Futation, and the webshop MaterialSampleShop. His goal is to help engineers and designers discover new materials and technologies for the products of the future. Erik has given countless presentations on new materials & applications at professional seminars and trade fairs.


Copenhagen  I  Denmark
+45 21691339


Markus Paloheimo

Master of Science, Product Development


Designed his first plastic product in 1995, Markus has been working within the industry ever since, being involved in the design  of hundreds of plastic components. His work has been recognised by many international design awards, he is the named inventor in 15+ patents. At his own consulting company, Sytyte Oy, he uses his expertise to help customers design new products.

Sytyte Oy

Billnäs  I  Finland
+358 500 515882


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