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Sorona® PTT K1441

Positive Plastics KIT2

What is it?

This is an unreinforced polytrimethylene terephthalate (PTT) resin containing 37% (by weight) renewably sourced raw materials. Members of the Sorona® family of polymers, including grades designed for the textile industry, contain between 20% and 37% renewably sourced material derived from industrial dent corn. Dent corn – known as field corn or grain corn in parts of the U.S. – is typically used for the production of ethanol, as feed for livestock, and in some corn snacks. It is known for its high starch content. The polymer and all its raw materials are produced in the United States.

Material properties

  • Tensile Modulus (MPa): 2700

  • Yield Strength (MPa): 60

  • Elongation at Break (%): 15

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, +23°C (kJ/m2): 4

  • Density (kg/m³): 1.32

  • Hardness (Shore): D85

Positive Plastics_Sorona

Technical benefits

This material has the performance and moulding characteristics of typical high-performance aromatic polyesters such as PET and PBT, combined with a renewably sourced monomer.  It also has lower warpage, good dimensional stability, and useful chemical resistance to oils and solvents. It’s available in three different viscosities to match the flow performance to product needs.

Look and feel

The material combines an attractive surface appearance with good strength and rigidity. It can easily be coloured to match specific designs.

Environmental benefits

37% of this material is derived from dent corn, which is an annually renewable crop. The company is working with participating farms to foster regenerative agriculture practices. A cradle-to-gate life cycle assessment (LCA) was conducted by a third party, which found that Sorona’s GWP (Global Warming Potential) is approximately 50% lower than that of PA6 or PA66.


Sorona® can be used as a bio-based alternative for nearly any product typically made with polyesters, including PBT. It is suitable for a wide range of automotive parts and components, electrical and electronics systems, and  industrial and consumer products.

White Goods
Consumer Goods

Why we chose this material 

Engineering polymers that contain bio-based materials are rare. Because of its certification of a secondary sourced feedstock and the fact that it has been on the market for some time, we believe it is a suitable candidate for the kit.

Why you should consider this material

  • You are looking for a bio-based engineering polymer with a good surface quality. 

  • You are interested in a drop-in alternative for the virgin polyester you are using.

About the manufacturer

Founded in 2022, Covation Biomaterials offers a product portfolio of high-performance sustainable solutions. The company builds on its rich DuPont legacy and delivers solutions across multiple industries, including apparel, carpeting, cosmetics, food and packaging.

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