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poraComp® rPP 800072

Positive Plastics KIT3

What is it?

This  is a 100% PIR (post-industrial recyclate) Polypropylene (PP) filled with 30% glass powder filler (Mikrover®). The Microver® filler is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. The material is available in the EU.

Material properties

  • Tensile Modulus [MPa]  1590

  • Yield Strength [MPa]   18,5

  • Strain at Break [%]  19

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, +23°C  [kJ/m2 ]  1,6

  • Density [kg/dm3]  1,1

  • Melt Volume-Flow Rate [cm3/10min]  34

Positive Plastics KIT3_poraComp® rPP 800072

Technical benefits

Besides the sustainable filler content, the compound exhibits good flowability. Mechanical properties can be adjusted according to specific needs.


Look and feel

The glass filler gives the surface an interesting appearance that resembles a grainy stone. It also improves scratch resistance and reduces the risk of visible weld lines and sink marks. Produced mainly in black, other colours are available on request.


Environmental benefits

The ingredients of these compounds are up to 100% sustainable. The PP originates from post-industrial recyclates and the glass filler is made from 100% post-consumer recycled glass. With only 0.076 kg CO2eq/kg the filler has a very low carbon footprint. Compared with commonly used fillers, the Mikrover® allows a reduction in Global Warming Potential (GWP) respectively.


Suitable for injection moulding, this grade can be used in applications such as automotive parts, sports accessories, white goods, and furniture.

White Goods

Why we chose this material 

Interestingly, both the base polymer and the glass filler are 100% recycled. This is still exceptional today.


Why you should consider this material

  • You want a PP-like material with an exciting surface appearance
    and a significantly decreased carbon footprint.


About the manufacturer

PoraComp is a specialist in the modification and refinement of different thermoplastics (e.g., PP, PE, PA and engineering polymers) with the in-house products Poraver® expanded glass beads and Mikrover® intermediate filler, both made from recycled glass. By using the functional fillers made from resource-saving recycled glass, as well as resins with a high percentage of recycled content, PoraComp increases the sustainability and reduces the carbon footprint of its product portfolio.

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