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Biocomposites by Stora Enso

Positive Plastics KIT1

What is it?

This material is a mixture of 40% wood fibres and 60% mass-balanced polypropylene (PP). The trees are locally and sustainably grown spruce and the fibres used for this compound are a reject of the saw mills. The fibre content is very visible on the surface of the end product. The material is also available in a variant without visual fibres. This grade is optimised for injection moulding and can be customised for specific applications.

Material properties

  • Tensile strength (MPa): 42

  • Tensile modulus (MPa): 4100

  • Elongation at break (%): 6

  • Density (kg/dm3): 1,06

Positive Plastics_DuraSense

Technical benefits

The wood fibres improve the strength and stiffness of the material. Using a fibre-filled compound may reduce cycle times in injection moulding applications. It can be reprocessed up to 5 or even 6 cycles in a closed-loop system without significant reduction of mechanical properties.

Look and feel

Thanks to the wood fibres, the material is soft and warm to the touch. 

The material can also be coloured.

Environmental benefits

Wood content in the material mixture decreases its environmental impact: by reducing the use of fossil-based plastic and by sequestering CO₂ from the atmosphere by growing trees.  Depending on the specific grade, the polypropylene matrix may be from a recycled source. This material is fully certified in accordance with the Chain of Custody (using FSC and PEFC), and ISCC Plus.


This grade is designed for injection moulding, as a general-purpose grade with visual fibres that give products a natural look and warm haptics. Suitable for consumer goods, containers, toys, appliances, and components. This grade is not food contact approved but there are other grades that are.

Cosmetics Packaging

Why we chose this material 

Biocomposites by Stora Enso offer a sustainable, and in many cases improved alternative to conventional polymers. Even in landfills (which should be the last option), microplastic contamination generated from biocomposites is up to 60% lower, when compared with fossil-based or non-naturally degrading plastics.

Why you should consider this material

  • You want to improve the sustainability of your product. 

  • You need higher stiffness and strength than plain PP can offer.

  • A natural look and feel would suit your product. 

  • Short cooling time and good production efficiency are appreciated.


About the manufacturer

Stora Enso is a manufacturer of pulp, paper, and other forest products, headquartered in Helsinki, Finland and in Stockholm, Sweden. They develop and produce solutions based on wood and biomass for a range of industries and applications worldwide.

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