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ALTECH PA66 ECO 2030/116.01 GF30

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What is it?

This polyamide (aka nylon) grade is based on pre-selected post-industrial recyclates (PIR), which are collected from the automotive industry and the fashion industry. The material is reinforced with 30% glass fibres to increase its strength and stiffness. The recyclate content can amount to 100%, however, due to careful material selection and strict process control. The properties are close to those of virgin material.

Material properties

  • Tensile strength (MPa): 155

  • Tensile modulus (MPa): 9400 

  • Elongation at break (%): 2,7

  • Density (Kg/dm3): 1,38

Positive Plastics_Altech PA66 Eco

Technical benefits

Polyamide 66 offers higher strength, better heat-resistance, and lower water-absorption compared with the standard polyamide 6. The properties of this PA 66 grade are between 85% to -100% identical to virgin material, despite its high recyclate content.

Look and feel

The material is stiff and hard, but it feels warmer than other polymers thanks to its inherent self-lubricating property. As with all highly reinforced materials, the glass fibres may be visible on the surface of the finished part. Colour matching is possible with selected grades within the ALTECH ECO portfolio.

Environmental benefits

The use of recycled material lowers the carbon footprint by nearly 90% compared with virgin PA 66. Because of the high volume of glass fibre within the material, it must be recycled in a specialised recycling facility.


This specific grade is marketed towards the automotive industry. Applications include oil pump parts, housings, automotive trim, and impact protectors.

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Why we chose this material 

We find it unique that this high-performance polyamide contains an unusually high percentage of recycled content.

Why you should consider this material

You need a strong and stiff engineering thermoplastic that offers a very significant carbon footprint reduction.

About the manufacturer

MOCOM is a large compounder of thermoplastic polymers. The company offers a broad range of high-performance plastics and technical compound solutions. The company also develops custom compounds in cooperation with customers from many different industries. 

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