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ALCOM LB ECO PP 4915 WT1030-21

Positive Plastics KIT3

What is it?

Alcom® LB ECO is a family of thermoplastics with highly reflective and light-blocking optical properties. All materials are based on mechanically recycled PC, PC+ABS, PA6 and PP. This specific grade is composed of 30% post-consumer recycled (PCR) polypropylene from public waste streams. A reinforcement of 15% talc ensures increased stiffness and thermal stability. A special colour formulation enables this material to perform in optical reflector parts with highest reflection and almost zero transmission. The material is available worldwide, with production in EU and China.

Material properties

  • TensileModulus [MPa] 2000

  • Yield Strength [MPa] 25

  • Elongation at Break[%] 30

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, +23°C  [kJ/m2 ] 6.5

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, -40°C  [kJ/m2 ] 2.0

  • Density [kg/dm3] 1.11

  • Melt Volume-Flow Rate (230°C/2.16kg) [cm3/10min] 19

Positive Plastics KIT3 Alcom LB Eco

Technical benefits

The advanced optical properties of this material enable it to be used in reflector applications with high diffuse reflectivity, increasing energy efficiency.


Look and feel

Alcom® LB materials are typically pure white. Depending on the mould surface, high-gloss surface finishes can be achieved, further increasing reflectivity of moulded parts. Because of its relatively low filler content, this specific material feels rigid but slightly flexible and dampening.


Environmental benefits

Global Warming Potential (GWP) calculations show that using this partly recycled polypropylene can reduce CO2 emission by 30% compared with a purely virgin PP-based material. Using it as a reflector part increases optical and energy efficiency, saving more energy during the part’s lifetime



Injection-moulded reflector parts in automotive lighting, general lighting, and other applications can benefit from its good reflective properties.

Consumer Goods

Why we chose this material 

Similarly to polymers used in the medical industry, purity is critical in light-reflecting plastic products. Achieving such purity in a material that includes 30% PCR is notable.


Why you should consider this material

  • You want to improve the efficiency of your lighting product by using reflective material.

  • You want the material to have a decreased carbon footprint.


About the manufacturer

MOCOM is a large compounder of thermoplastic polymers. The company offers a broad range of high-performance plastics and technical compound solutions. The company also develops custom compounds in cooperation with customers from many different industries.

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