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SÜDPACK Compound PP R KR 20T 001

Positive Plastics KIT3

What is it?

This composite is made of more than 70% post-consumer recycled polypropylene (PP) and 20% mineral filling (talc). The compound is suitable for injection moulding and extrusion. The high-quality, transparent PP recyclate, used as compound base material, offers a broad color spectrum, including light shades and white, which is uncommon among other post-consumer recycled material streams. Compounds from SÜDPACK can be made available ISCC Plus-certified. They can be tailor-made to meet individual customer requirements, also available based on post-industrial recyclates and biomaterials.

Material properties

  • Tensile Modulus [MPa] 2590

  • Tensile Strength [MPa]  26,8

  • Strain at Break [%] 10

  • Density [kg/dm3] 1,04

  • Melt Volume-Flow Rate [cm3/10min] 22

Positive Plastics KIT3_Südpack

Technical benefits

The PCR PP comes from a verified origin – B2B high quality packaging – ensuring the consistency and quality of the recycled feedstock. The mechanical properties of the PCR PP are very close to those of corresponding virgin grades. In addition, the material's scratch resistance has been optimized compared with PP without additives.


Look and feel

The recycled base polymer is naturally transparent. Therefore, the mineral-filled compound can be color-matched to a wide variety of options, even white.


Environmental benefits

The material can be used as a drop-in solution replacing fossil-based PP compound solutions. The use of recycled material saves resources and makes a direct contribution to saving CO2 emissions. With the presented compound, a CO2 savings of more than 60% can be achieved compared with virgin PP.



Talc-reinforced polypropylene is more dimensionally stable, resilient, and heat-resistant than PP resin without additives. Applications include housings for consumer electronics, home and garden appliances, and auto parts.

Consumer Goods

Why we chose this material 

We appreciate that the company cooperates with the medical industry, utilizing the high volumes of B2B high quality packaging as the feedstock for this upcycled material.


Why you should consider this material

  • You are looking for a sustainable, high-quality PP.

  • Good scratch resistance and colourability are needed.

  • It would help if you had higher heat resistance than standard PP provides.


About the manufacturer

SÜDPACK produces a variety of thermoplastic compounds based on recycled polymers (PCR and PIR) as well as biopolymers, enabling the company to cover many different application sectors. Uses include automotive, appliance, construction, and electronics. All compounds can be tailored to customer specifications and equipped with a variety of additives. Various fillers such as minerals, glass fibres, and biomaterials are available. SÜDPACK is continually adding new circular compounds and biopolymers to its portfolio.

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