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AKROMID® NEXT 5.10 3 GF 30 black (8467)

Positive Plastics KIT2

What is it?

This is a compound of 100% bio-based PA 5.10 (polyamide, commonly known as nylon), heat-stabilized and filled with 30% glass fibres for increased strength and stiffness. Polyamides are engineering plastics often used in technical applications using injection molding processing. While most polyamides are fossil-based, there are some grades that are partly bio-based, such as PA 6.10. This PA 5.10 is 100% bio-based. ​The feedstocks used for producing this grade come from corn and castor oil from the castor bean plant.

The 30% glass fibre reinforcement makes the material suitable for components with high strength requirements.

Material properties

Values in brackets are conditioned (stored in 70 °C / 63% RH for 30 days).

  • Tensile Modulus (MPa): 8300 (6000)

  • Stress at Break (MPa):  160 (120)

  • Strain at Break (%): 3.2 (4.5)

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, +23°C  (kJ/m²): 13 (14)

  • Charpy Impact Strength, 23°C  (kJ/m²): 72 (74)

  • Density (kg/m³):  1290

  • Moisture uptake (%): 1.2

Positive Plastics_Akromid

Technical benefits

This material features high mechanical properties, and its moisture uptake is only about half of what can be seen in PA 6.6 or PA 6. This means higher strength and stiffness as well as dimensional stability in moist conditions. In addition, PA 5.10 shows very good chemical resistance to oils, fuels, coolants, salts, and many other aggressive chemicals as well as resistance to hydrolysis.

Look and feel

The material looks and feels the same as other glass fibre-reinforced polyamides. It is available in black or in a natural beige that can be coloured.

Environmental benefits

This polymer is derived 100% from bio-based resources, which has been independently verified by C14 analysis following the EN 16640 standard. Because it’s a virgin material it has guaranteed constant quality while still providing a reduced carbon footprint. Castor beans grow in marginal soils (almost exclusively in India). The beans are crushed to extract the natural oil which is then refined and polymerized. The remaining organic material can be used as a natural fertilizer.


With 30% glass fibre reinforcement and heat stabilization, the material is suitable for components with high strength and stiffness requirements for electronic appliances, automotive, sports and leisure, and construction industry. Flame-retardant grades are also available. This material is especially good in areas such as fluid connectors that require excellent chemical resistance.

Sports Goods
Consumer Goods

Why we chose this material 

Compared with polyolefins (PP, PE) or polyesters, polyamides have a higher carbon footprint. Because of their many mechanical advantages, however, polyamides are very commonly used engineering plastics. We considered this 100% bio-based option an interesting alternative, as it  can be used as a drop-in in many high-performance polyamide applications.

Why you should consider this material

  • You want a high-strength material for a demanding service environment. 

  • You want to use a fully bio-based material with all-around strong properties that can replace PA 6, PA 6.6 or PA 6.10 in many applications.

About the manufacturer

AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is a global compounder of application-oriented plastics.  The company is especially strong in highly reinforced polyamides and their blends, which are sold under the product name Akromid®. AKRO-PLASTIC GmbH is part of the K.D. Feddersen group.

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