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Positive Plastics KIT3

What is it?

A compound containing 100% recycled PP/PE/EPDM with 10% talc. The recycled feedstock comes from post-consumer sources (shredded light fractions from end-of-life-vehicles). It has been processed using bespoke technologies for composite separation and selective separation (density, optical and electrostatic separation, demetallization). WIPAG Open Loop Compounds use post-consumer and post-industrial materials and can be used for a variety of applications. The offering includes materials based on PP, PP/EPDM, PA66, PA6, ABS and PC/ABS. Application-specific solutions for other polymers or filler combinations can also be developed.

Material properties

  • Tensile Modulus [MPa] 1200

  • Tensile Strength [MPa] 15 

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, +23°C  [kJ/m2 ]  25

  • Charpy Notched Impact Strength, -40°C  [kJ/m2 ]  2,5

  • Density [kg/dm3]  0,98

  • Melt Volume / Flow Rate [cm3/10min] 13 (230°C/2,16kg)

Positive Plastics KIT3_Wipaflex

Technical benefits

The low-density material is compounded to reach high resistance to both impact and fatigue.


Look and feel

The sample is light and floats in water. The feel is similar to HD-PE. Polished areas of the mould are matte and the EDM surfaces repeat very nicely. The toughness of the material is tangible.


Environmental benefits

This material is composed of 100% post-consumer waste and has a CO2 -Footprint (GWP100) of 0,83 [kg CO2 eq.] according to GaBi (DIN EN ISO14040/14044)

The source is automotive shredded light fractions from end-of-life-vehicles.



Applications include wheel arch liners, underbody automotive skid plates, and panels for building and construction.


Why we chose this material 

We were very impressed, not only by the very high recycled content, but also by the advanced recycling technologies – tackling materials that are otherwise challenging to upcycle.


Why you should consider this material

  • You are looking for a flexible material with a high recycled content.

  • You are looking for a material with a high impact resistance.

  • You are looking for a 100% PCR based material coming from end-of-life-vehicles


About the manufacturer

Wipag is a German company that, for 30 years, has specialized in recycling plastic into high-quality secondary raw materials for various industries. These compounds, made using innovative and in-house developed technologies, can be used as substitutes for virgin plastics, reducing the need for new plastic production and promoting sustainability. WIPAG has been part of the globally active Otto Krahn Group since 2018. In addition to WIPAG, the family-owned group of companies also includes the plastics distributor ALBIS and the plastics compounder MOCOM, as well as KRAHN Chemie and KRAHN Ceramics.

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