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An impact-resistant engineering thermoplastic & amorphous polymer.
ABS is a strong & durable, chemically resistant resin but gets easily attacked by polar solvents. It has good weldability, high dimension stability, good abrasion and strain resistance and very good surface gloss. It can be processed on most standard machinery. It can be injection-moulded, blow-moulded, or extruded. It has a low melting temperature making it suitable for processing by 3D printing.

Bisphenol-A (BPA)

An organic synthetic compound from polycarbonates and epoxy resins. BPA-based plastic is clear, tough, lightweight and flame resistant. Major areas of application include electronics construction materials, automotive, data storage. It is one of the highest volume organic chemicals produced worldwide.

Castor Plant
A tropical plant (Ricinus communis) of the spurge family. Contains seeds (castor beans) from which castor oil is extracted, these are non-edible. Indigenous to the southeastern Mediterranean Basin, Eastern Africa, and India, but is widespread throughout tropical regions.

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Positive Plastics Kits

The PositivePlastics material sample kit includes 16 plastic materials
with a reduced environmental footprint: PCR, PIR, bio-based, bio-composite, and mass balanced plastics of various manufacturers.
Attached to each material is a label, containing sufficient information
to assist preliminary materials selection. Additional information can be found by scanning the QR code, directing you to the material info pages you find on this website.

€250 excl. VAT  (€312.50 incl. VAT)
Excluding shipping

For all buyers outside the EU

and companies within the EU

Please also submit your EU VAT ID here for EU-based companies 

For buyers without VAT registration within the EU

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The kit is sold by MaterialSampleShop in Denmark.



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